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Grief and The Unimportance of Money

A week ago, my partner and I were forced to face the shattering news that nobody ever wants to hear. Our newborn daughter, our first child, our baby girl, who had arrived a month early, would not be going home with us when we eventually left the hospital. A day later, the hospital staff disconnected her from the respirator that helped keep her alive, and a few hours after that, she took her last breaths while resting in her mother and father’s arms.

Devastated by grief, we travelled home from the hospital with the realisation that no matter what the future might bring, our world will never be the same. The weight of missing our firstborn, our baby girl who we’ve been waiting for, planning our lives around, can and will never go away. All we can do is to try to learn and become strong enough to live with the sorrow.

The wound is still fresh, and it is difficult to extract financial wisdom from experiences like these, especially while you are still processing. I find myself at an inflexion point where I feel it necessary to examine every part of my life, leave no stone unturned, to see what matters and what does not as I desperately search for meaning in a world which currently feels devoid of any such thing. Is there a point to me throwing my words about personal finances into the vast void of the internet, or is as meaningless as life without my little girl currently appears?

I don’t have any answers at all at this point, except for this: I would have traded every nickel and dime I ever had and will have, to give my daughter a fair chance at life. All the money I have accumulated could do nothing for her, and now it does nothing for me. No matter what your money situation looks like at the moment, take a look at your life, the things that truly matter, and count yourself lucky for every person you have in your life that truly matters.

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  1. My prayers go out for you and your family. Having lost a child I never had the chance to meet, I understand a little of what you are feeling. Know that God loves you and he cares. And take it day by day. May God give you grace to keep on going. Thanks for sharing.

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