What’s in a Name?

The name Abovare is an acronym for “Abundance of Valuable Resources”, which is a standard definition of the word wealth. The idea behind Abovare is that each and every person can start building wealth. And every incremental move in the way to creating wealth is a step in the direction of what matters, which is freedom.

There is no shortage of websites, magazines and blogs out there that offer advice on how to manage your personal finances, and it is pertinent to ask whether the world needs yet another website dedicated to the subject. I believe the answer is yes, and hopefully, the potential readers will agree once they happen upon the site, and get familiar with what is on offer.

Mission Statement

Abovare should be a resource for people from all over the world to learn about building their wealth, and in turn increase their freedom, by providing actionable advice, knowledge, tools.

Beyond that, Abovare can be considered a blank canvas, save for a headline which spells “Personal Finance”. Everything that relates to the term, and could have an effect on a person’s journey towards wealth is essentially up for grabs. The result is that you might well find an article about the psychology and behavioural aspects of finance one day, a critical look at a consumer facing fintech product the next, and tips for living more frugally on the third day. And after that, Abovare may even become the excuse I need to finally develop that piece of software I have always wanted to replace my Excel sheets for tracking my finances.

So in summary, Abovare is for everyone who is looking for a fresh take on improving their personal finances. What that means, specifically, remains to be seen, but I am more than happy to receive suggestions and requests. Want to know more about a particular topic within personal finance? Or are you looking for a particular product to scratch your personal finance itch? Do not hesitate to get in touch.